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Osteodynamics involve the use of stretching techniques, massage and gentle manipulation with the aim of optimizing your posture and reducing local or generalized pain. The treatment is done gently and efficiently to reach the most in-depth tissues. Osteodynamics is designed to treat specific areas of the body, including injuries such as tendinitis, bursitis, capsulitis, etc.

Guillaume Levesque welcomes patients of all ages to whom he presents insightful solutions to their problems, including chronic pain, rheumatology disorders, bad posture, etc. Treatments offered by Guillaume Levesque will allow you to quickly resume your normal activities.

Osteodynamics Tracadie
Osteodynamics Tracadie

What are osteodynamics?

Osteodynamics were developed as a result of a study conducted by S. Piret and MM. Béziers, two specialists who worked in a hospital setting. Osteodynamics restore proper function of the body’s musculoskeletal system. Osteodynamics are both therapeutic and educational, and they allow the body to improve its posture and movements in just a few treatments. This therapy draws on the importance of bone placement and muscular synergy for a precise and effective therapeutic touch.
In fact, this treatment can help people with bad posture due to their work or due to an injury caused by a lack of coordination. Bad posture and movements can lead to chronic pain or rheumatology disorders that can be treated by osteodynamics.

As the treatment progresses, the patient’s posture improves and his or her movements are more precise and better coordinated. Combining osteodynamics with acupuncture or any other type of manual therapy allows the patient to obtain a different perspective on his or her treatment. The patient’s treatment is all the more accurate and personalized.

If you live in the Bathurst region, in the Acadian Peninsula, Campbellton, Tracadie, Caraquet, Miramichi, Beresford and the surrounding areas or anywhere else in the province, visit the Acupuncture Guillaume Levesque clinic. The Acupuncture Guillaume Levesque welcomes any patients for specialized treatments in osteodynamics, contact our clinic today!

Osteodynamics Bathurst