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Assisted muscle stretching treatment

During an assisted muscle stretching treatment, the therapist helps you move in a way that it stretches your muscles. The therapist can target the neck, the shoulders, the pelvis, the knees, the elbows, etc. People of all ages can benefit from this type of treatment to improve their flexibility, blood flow, and to relieve pain.

Athletes may wish to undergo this form of therapy to soothe sore areas of the body. Furthermore, assisted muscle stretching treatment allows athletes to maintain a state of optimal performance. This treatment helps athletes improve their performance and recover more quickly from an injury.

As for the elderly, one treatment per month often makes a considerable difference in the maintenance of their physical condition. Assisted stretching may be used as a treatment on its own or can be combined with acupuncture treatments.

In the case of muscle stiffness, a qualified acupuncturist will help you get moving and get better by means of a personalized treatment. Having treated patients of all ages, Guillaume Levesque, a certified acupuncturist, will fulfill your needs thanks to his ongoing training, his expertise and his extensive experience.

Whether you wish to receive a single treatment or multiple treatments to relieve your muscle stiffness or pain, Guillaume Levesque will present you with a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs and will help you overcome your problems in no time.

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If you suffer from back pain, numbness or any other type of muscle pain, treatments provided by the Acupuncture Guillaume Levesque clinic will be of great help. For more information about our treatments, visit our website or contact us by phone or email. We will be pleased to assist you.
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