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Anxiety and stress treatment in New Brunswick

Today, acupuncture is used to treat a wide array of health conditions, including emotional and mental disorders, as well as stress and anxiety. Our personal responsibilities, our family life and our daily routine can take their toll on our mental health, to the point that overcoming stress is a daily battle.

Stress can affect each of us at one moment or another and acupuncture can help us relax, conquer our problems, and feel good inside. Many people refer to us a few times per year to increase balance and eliminate stress resulting from their lifestyle.

Acupuncture takes into account the body on its whole. In fact, it not only studies the symptoms of a given condition, but it also considers the entire organism’s functions. The acupuncturist establishes the relationship between each of the symptoms and manages to treat many conditions through a single course of personalized treatments.

Anxiety and stress treatment Tracadie
Anxiety and stress treatment Caraquet
Today, all acupuncturists registered with an association use single-use, disposable and sterile needles during their treatments. As a result, there is no risk of infection or contamination. To help you overcome your stress and anxiety problems, Guillaume Levesque will provide a personalized treatment fit for your particular needs.
Guillaume Levesque’s clinic welcomes patients from Campbellton, Tracadie, Caraquet, Bathurst, Miramichi and Beresfordet, as well as patients throughout the province.
For stress and anxiety treatments offered by a certified acupuncturist, Acupuncture Guillaume Levesque is the clinic for you!
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