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Above all a preventive medicine, naturotherapy is defined as a holistic medicine, which takes into consideration all aspects of the person and acts not only on the symptom, but on the cause of the problem in order to offer a better solution or long-lasting relief.

A large number of methods are used, and you will find a brief overview of treatments used and practice in the clinic:

Naturotherapy Campbellton
Naturotherapy Tracadie


Osteodynamics combines stretching, massage and gentle manipulation techniques to optimize your posture and reduce your local or generalized pain. The treatment is done gently and efficiently to reach the most in-depth tissues. Whether it is to relieve tendonitis, bursitis or capsulitis, the treatment is modeled to focalise a particular area.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a method that stimulates the circulation of the lymph in the body by slow and gentle movements carried out in the direction of the lymphatic circulation with variations in pressure. Lymph is a colorless liquid and transported in the lymphatic vessels. It participates in the purification of toxins from the body, and the fight against infections.

A lack of lymph circulation leads to various symptoms such as heavy legs, premature aging or lymph node swelling. The lack of physical activities are common causes of poor circulation. It’s also common to see edema appear after cancer surgery.

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